Today, in the so-called dominant digital world, every tom,dick & harry is chained to a device! That includes me too, sadly! In spite of the fact that I belong to this industry, I am not an avid fan.But it does not make me a different person who is not tethered throughout the day.Sigh!

The idea of not-being-a-fan is derived from the accessive information available on the internet , sometimes unnecessary and we are dragged into it forcefully with cool strategies. anyway…I’ll talk about the “goods” and “bads” of “too much” digitalization some other time.

For now, while being an internet junkie I am sharing what are my favorites things to do when I am online.

No # 1 : Online Shopping !!

This is the best thing happened in last few years, I love the idea of e-commerce and I am so happy to see that it’s growing rapidly in Pakistan as well.

Being an eldest and with some sense of fashion (according to them) , I have to suggest, decide & shop for every female in the house, not to forget my best friend. Ironically, I HATE going to malls and wasting my time.Instead, I am very pleased while taking a risk with a new e-commerce website and see how it goes.

Here are some of my frequently used websites/facebook pages for clothes, jewelry, customized stuff , grocery & even fresh fruits & vegetables. Life is easy-peasy now! Phew!

Following are the links of local & international brands who never fail to disappoint me online :


Arts & Crafts


  • Enchante by Sukaina – She is one of the BEST jewelry designers in town.

Grocery, Fresh fruits & Vegetables

That’s it for now . Happy online Shopping

No # 2 Browsing random stuff on the internet

Reading and thinking over it gives you a deeper sight about life. When life is in so much chaos, a person can not pick a book and enjoy it. Then internet comes handy… I read random humor, life quotes or even some silly but funny & useful blogs. And yeah not to forget some cool video series.So here is my treasure !

No # 3 Tweeting

Tweeting is a real fun because no one is faking anything at all. So you find a lot a humor & speak your mind out loud and no buddy gives a shit about it. Cool, isn’t ?

No # 4 Stalking

Ssshhhhhh…. I won’t be telling much about it.

No # 5 This is a recent one but well…Blogging

I am really enjoying it.All the things related to blogging is so cool. Blogging is just not writing-what-you-feel, it’s more detailed than this and I am loving every bit of it. I hope, I continue to write with the same pace as I planned.

Tell me what’s your favorite time pass on the internet? I am looking forward to knowing all about your favorite things 🙂


  1. Hamza says:

    Hahaha too cool shumaila. I really enjoyed reading it. To be honest mostly what you wrote is true. I really am looking forward to read your articles about travelling.

    My 5 things:

    Football news
    Little bit of facebook
    Work 🙁
    Reading your articles

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  3. Zong Free says:

    very nice post. Keep on posting helpful article.

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