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Being an Insomniac, I know how it feels & gives me shivers. I have been struggling with insomnia since like forever!! But I was not aware of “Insomnia” earlier, I thought of myself as a freak who can not sleep & that there must be similar others and it is perfectly okay if I can not sleep properly… Well, Sadly there are people like me and this blog is for you because it is really essential to identify and treat your insomnia!!


It is a “Sleep disorder” which has multiple causes. Most commons are eating late at night, a sudden change in lifestyle, too much caffeine in your diet or improper timing for intake, medical conditions (i.e Chronic Pain, Breathing issues & etc), stress, anxiety & depression…Etc. I can’t sleep if I am very exhausted, some of you might be facing it too. Insomnia turns worse with increasing age if not treated properly.

Why is Sleep Important?

For a human body, it is very important to get a proper sleep in order to stay fit. Proper sleep reduces the risk of heart and kidney diseases, high Blood pressure & diabetes. Can you believe that? Damn… not sleeping can almost kill you faster than you can imagine.

How Does Insomnia affect life?

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It turns you into a “Zombie”, trust me on this! No feelings & no motivation to do anything at all, troubling your job, home & relationships. You can not focus on anything in life because you are dizzy, dull & angry because you are not happy but you are not unhappy really, you are just sleep deprived and no one gets it, right? They do not see anything wrong and thinks that you are a miserable person and not grateful for the things in your life. Not everyone knows the struggle of suffering from insomnia but my friends I know this and I am with you all!! <3 More power and love to you & I wish you all win one day.

It would not be invalid If I call insomnia a real “Monster” which ruins everything, sometimes.

How am I Beating the Shit Out of Insomnia?

Anyway, the actual purpose of writing today is to share some quick & cool remedies. I have been trying to get rid of insomnia and improve my life and look like a real happy person.

  • No Caffeine

Oh, don’t worry it does not mean I am not brewing my coffee anymore and you need to do the same. Nope. I have started to avoid Tea/Coffee or any other caffeine after 6pm. Caffeine helps you to restore your energy, which causes you troubles to fall asleep. Note it down!

  • Castor Oil

I do not know how it really works… but I read it and applied it on my feet soles … It worked like a magic. It gave me “the energy” to sleep. That sounds awkward but I do not know how else should I describe the excitement of being able to sleep easily.

  • Hot milk glass

Drink a glass of Hot Milk. It contains “tryptophan” which is an amino acid and helps to induce sleep. Well, I started this on a friend’s suggestion but here is the Source.

  • Proper Meals

Having timely meals is really important, do not starve yourself it kills your hunger and if your stomach is empty and It’s too hard to fall asleep but now you can not eat either because you are not feeling hungry anymore… eh … make sense…? I hope so!!!

  • Walk

A bit of walk in your routine improves your digestive system and sleep. Don’t forget to walk at least for 15 minutes. You can even start with 5 minutes. 🙂

  • Keep Yourself busy

Keep yourself busy is an essential part of getting a proper sleep, Your mind needs to be free from useless thoughts & the body needs to be exhausted enough to make you feel sleepy. I am cooking & blogging. 🙂

  • Hot Shower

Taking a bath with hot water before sleep really helps. Hot shower improves your blood flow and makes you really comfortable hence it is easier to fall asleep.

  • Pampering

Love yourself. Pamper yourself. Go to the beach, Salon, Shopping or whatever makes you happy. Be Blessed! 🙂

  • Sleep Early

No, I am not making a fool out of you. I mean, “TRY” to sleep as early as possible. You will have to improve your biological clock to have a good sleep and stop insomnia to reoccur. I plan to sleep around 8pm but if I am late that means 11pm. Maximum. I know it’s tough to follow but you gotta do it, man.

  • Drink Water

Drink a lot of water during the day. It flushes toxins out of your body and keeps your digestive system cool. Really helps if you are a foodie and eating out is casual for you. I would say stop eating out so casually!! It does not do any good to you. Trust me!!

I really hope that it helps everyone out there, looking forward to know your tricks as well! Happy Sleeping you’all ! 🙂

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