For all the shopaholics out there mark your calendars for #gosfpk2016 in Pakistan! What is GOSF? It is a great online shopping festival supported By Google. After the successful GOSF in India and Singapore, Google brings it to Pakistan to support and create awareness for e-commerce in Pakistan finally. Yaaayyy! I am in love with the idea.

There are multiple huge brands from Pakistan participating in this festival. It’s trending on twitter with the hashtag #gosfpk and it is only a day away but going to last for 3 days! isn’t awesome? It’s like EID. Shopping EID ? Sounds like fun. Yeah? I hope it follows the idea of the “great” shopping festival. Looking forward to it!

#gosfpk is Powered by Google and Supported by Jang Media Group in partnership with Yayvo.comJazzCash can shop on discounted price from the huge list of categories with hundreds of products including electronics, home appliances, fashion, automotive, food, books, travel, groceries & much much more. Shop now and win huge discounts, CLICK HERE. Participants are big names including

  • jubilee Insurance.
  • Unilever, Orient, P&G & Interwood.
  • MCB.
  • Nescafe.
  • GulAhmed, AlKaram, Sana Safinaz & Sapphire
  • Food panda & MacDonald’s.
  • TazaMart.
  • HomeShopping, Symbios.
  • Careem, Sasta Tickets & Qatar Airlines.
  • The Nest I/O & Plan9.

Do they have your favorite brand on the list? Bookmark the web address, add it to your calendar, set a reminder and share it with with your loved ones!

JazzCash is not only serving as an alternative payment method but using jazzCash makes you eligible for additional discounts up to 80%.

TCS Hazir service is expected to do a good job when it comes to delivery of the products in terms of speed and safety.

Extra Delivery Special Featured by Yayvo

The official dates for the #gosfpk festival are 28 Sept – 30 Sept sp don’t forget to add it to your calendar and/or subscribe to the Google chrome notification from the #gosf platform : so that you don’t miss anything during 3 days!

Being a shopaholic I am really excited for this festival and looking forward to buying home appliances, clothes or makeup may be. What are you looking forward to shop? Let me know!

Happy Shopping Festival Peeps !

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    A minute saved is a minute eadren, and this saved hours!

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