So you are a ‘crazy’ woman who drives?

Mastering the Art!

So eventually I learned to drive 4 months back from a well-known driving institute and later my brother helped me to improve. I drive pretty much in control as a newbie and I keep my focus on improving and to be a perfect ‘woman’ driver one day and yes I am getting better day by day! Many of you might know that I belong to the city of traffic!! yeah, that’s right I am a Karachite.

The key to driving is confidence, and oh boy I have got full ‘driver’ swag! Another important factor is to focus while you are learning and keep asking and experimenting… (yeah it’s gonna cost you a fortune sometimes but that’s okay, human life possess more value). Anyway, I should stop showing off my driving ‘know-it-all’ side and come to the point because this blog is not the driving crash course.

Driving in Karachi is one hell of a job, and if you are a woman…. haha haha…. you are screwed, my dear! A woman driving is absolutely common but this stereotyping!!! which makes a woman very ‘delicate’ emotionally and physically! Like Seriously? You are born and driving like a crazy ass, thanks to a woman!

As I see, (mostly) a woman drives better than a man because she will always be more careful and try their best to follow ‘the rules’ but they are being called a bad driver because they don’t cross the red signal in case of no traffic. People laughed at me and honked me to move my ass and cross the signal! and then they cross with the ‘look’ of ‘you don’t know anything woman, Stay home!’

The Encounter!!

Nooo, I am not a crazy driver, you stupid shithead! It’s you who does not know anything about ‘rules’ or you might know but you don’t care because oh its Pakistan and ‘yahan sab chalta hai’.

Episode # 1

I remember an incident, close to my apartment building, there is a two-way road and it was jammed one day so I thought to volunteer happily and reverse instead of getting stuck into this… I was reversing and an uncle on a bike came from the opposite side and passed by saying “apko bhi yahin gari phasani thi” and I was like “whatttt? :O” . What the heck is that? just because I am a woman so the whole jam was my mistake? I was not even near to that jam!! are you blind uncle? or have your wife kicked you out on the roads because you treat your own woman just like this!

Episode # 2

Another incident, when I was a beginner and I had this big “L” shaped tape on the back of my car…. the main road leads to the apartment is a busy road with lots of speed breakers. Changing gears was not as smooth as it is now, I could not change the gear on time and it took me long to go through the breaker meanwhile the Vitz wale uncle kept honking because my car was going back slowly(make sense)…. at last I crossed the breaker and the traffic started to move…

After few secs, I heard the constant honking and a car following me……yes you might have guessed it right! it was the same Vitz wale uncle. I thought I might have damaged his car so I should stop somewhere and pay if there is any damage… I slowed down … he came side by side and stopped and shouted “jab chalani nahi ati to chala kyun rahi hoooo” and went away.

This made my blood boil…I replied “chalana kiya asman p sekhogi” but I think he could not hear because he was so frantic about talking to a ‘new lady’ in a way that his better half and kids do not fret and was very excited over the achievement that he drove his Vitz like a helicopter and was gone in no time! He looked like a “parha likha” middle age man and my tendency to crushing over middle age man is a bit shaky since then! lol :'(

First of all, he was supposed to maintain the distance with my car but he did not bother about it even after seeing the BIG RED L written on his face! Secondly, he considered his social responsibility to verbally abused and demotivate me. One of the reason that 80% of the women are skeptical about driving! Having said that, I would suggest to all the lovelies to kick these retards and do whatever you want to achieve! Be yourself, make mistakes and learn but make sure that no one should stop you!


And those BEAM light walas and SNAKY bike riders, are you nuts? or have you got a loose screw? What is wrong with you guys? Don’t you know anything about “lane” and if you get hit by a car drove by a woman..omg… ‘aunty ne thok diya’, ‘aunty dekh to len’. This is the best you got? screwwwwww youuu!


Not everyone is bad after all! :). There were people who actually helped to cross when I was stuck not just by giving me space but saying “han beta aram se nikalo” “, yahan se nahi wahan se” and these people includes rikshaw walas, bike riders, people sitting on the top of a bus or driving a car. Thank you, good people! <3

The Irony


I don’t lose my confident in any case, I stay humble if it’s my mistake and badass if it’s someone else’s. So I damn care if you are giving me the look “oh you are driving, you might hit someone real soon” or “Stop the music lady, it’s not nice.” or “change the lane girl, there is a lot of space” or “oh madam, look at here” or “oh ooh” or whatever the heck you want to try.

Don’t tell me what to do and how to do it! I am a woman who knows how to handle everyone’s shit so I can handle pretty much of my own too! and I know there are more women like me out in this world so someday we all are going to kick each one of you with our cars!

Safe drive and keep rocking ladies!


  1. faiza says:

    honestly, i found this article as a motivator to me . Shumaila if i were in your place i’ll give middle finger to that vitz wale uncle.
    yes some people are very helpful and hopefully you will always find them there if tum ne gari kahin thok di tu …. 🙂

  2. Shumaila Khan says:

    Thank you so much ? yes I hope that too 🙂

  3. Thanks for the blog post.Thanks Again. Great.

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