So what is the hype since last year about ‘Black‘ Friday in Pakistan? What the hell is Black Friday anyway? Why do we call it ‘Black‘ and is it celebrated on ‘Friday’  only?



Black Friday‘ is quite interesting and rational bash for the businesses, I think. we always heard those superstitious ‘talks’ about “Black” in our society but to your surprise, ‘Black‘ in Friday represents ‘Profit’ of a business. The Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start of the shopping spree. Official date for Black Friday is 25th November globally but it starts before this date, unofficially.

Back in time, people used to maintain loss and profits manually. Loss means red and profit means Black and they represented it with colored ink. so ‘Black Friday’ is said to be time of the year when businesses has made enough profit for the year . Businesses come with door-busters deals to clear the stock and withdraw their invested money as much as possible. And it is a good strategy to lure more customers and indulge them in the quality of their products.

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Black Friday is no more celebrated on Friday. It has been officially started last year in Pakistan initiated by Daraz in Pakistan and the tradition is followed this year by many eCommerce websites including Yayvo, too. JazzCash and Zong 4G and RasyPaisa are official collaborating in #BlackFriday Sales. All over the world, Black Friday sales means panic and hectic activity just to grab your favorite item because they are available on stores only. People go early in the morning to reserve their places in long queues and struggle to buy the same item which is pathetic, to be honest. But here in #Pakistan the trend is for online sales mostly. We also have few stores offering sales but online is more common which is great in terms of ease.


black or white friday

A good amount of public does not like “Black” color association with “Friday” due to religious right or wrong perception. So People are celebrating it with #WhiteFriday and #BlessedFriday hash tags and names instead of #BlackFriday. In Islam, Black is considered the color of modesty and friday is a special and pious day for Muslims which is a positive thing. Also, we can adopt all good thing considering “Okay” from the west then why not the “Sales” it will encourage the poeple to shop more who can’t do it in regular days. So I am not really sure sure why people are making a fuss about it but everyone have their own views and they deserve respect equally.

People needs to take it light and enjoy the amazing deals & discounts and most importantly the growth of eCommerce industry in Pakistan. Because this will improve our lifestyle someday remarkably!


  1. Nasir Ali Shah says:

    But I see in different online store you mentioned in your article, all over the world black friday is making to give genuine discounts but the trends in Pakistan and the online stores you mentioned is increasing the prices and then give discount which are actually not a real discount . I see one of a Good Online Store in Pakistan ( ) who selling products online with REAL DISCOUNTS or without discount but not a fake discount. They are actually trying to change the negative(Dhokay Bazi) trend in Pakistan. But I completely Agree with your point of view about the black Friday. But unfortunately in Pakistan online stores doing/creating negative approach to their online customers that increases the product price to double and then down it back to the actual retail price. 🙂

  2. Shumaila Khan says:

    Thanks @NasirAliShah You are right, having fake discounts or what these online stores are doing is a different subject. I’m already writing a new post regarding ethics… I’ll post it soon… ​

  3. says:

    I agree with most of the users that major threat to our e-commerce market is ethical weakness in overall society. Marketplace models are being failed in last few years in Pakistan due to high returns, late shipments and in-appropriate product quality as compare to listed product.

    Now it is being suggested to either big-ones have to divert themselves to inventory based models.

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