Password in a secret place, 5 simple steps to do it!

Do you have the same password for everything you own on-line because you can't remember all the passwords, just like me? Have you ever wonder how unsafe that is??? I feel you!!

Save all your password in one place!

There are hundreds of auto BOTS and humans are trying to hack your accounts for different purpose every minute in the world. And they get access to one of your account then Booom!! you are gone 101%. First thing they'll try to access every account linked to it and use your public identity to whatever the heck that want.

I have troubles with this for years now as well.  I have a short-term memory and I am so ill organized! But recently I have cam across a simple trick to keep my all passwords in one place but secure. And It does not require me to remember all passwords but one only. Ta-da!!! Sounds fun? I know right!


You must be familiar with google docs, google drive. I am gonna explain 5 simple steps to save every password in google sheet which will be stored in your google drive. But it will be encrypted through a single password. Every time you want to see your password, Decrypt. Encrypt, when you are not using the file. Easy Pesy!

What the heck is encryption or decryption through password?

In laymay terms, encryption is a process to convert your data into code language (which looks like gibberish to everyone until its decrypted). Decryption is a process to covert gibberish data back to its normal state (readable to human)

The Art of Encryption

Step  1 : Make a copy of this protected google sheet.

Step  2 : Next select "Tools->Script Editor". This will bring up a script in a new window or tab.

Step  3 : In this window, select "File->Manage Versions" and click on "Save a new version". You can leave all fields blank. A new row for version 1 will appear. Just click "OK" button.

Step  4 : Now select "Publish->Deploy as webapp" and click on the "Deploy" button.

Step  5 :  You will now be shown a confirmation that your app has been deployed as a web app.

Now, go to back to your "copied file" and Select "Protect File-> Initialize".

Add new password to encrypt "Protect File->Encrypt"

you can decrypt from "Protect File->Decrypt" whenever needed. You're done!!


  1. Alyn says:

    I can’t hear antynihg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  2. Shumaila Khan says:

    thank you 🙂

  3. Rimsha Salam says:

    So easy! Love this.

    • Shumaila Khan says:

      Thank you Ramsha <3. Do check out the best and recommended mobile applications from personal experience for manage day-to-day activitie.

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