Pakistan e-commerce consortium (PEC) held their first meetup on 16th December, 2017 – PakEcomConnect

PakEcomConnect meetup held by PEC

Along with many useful and supportive groups for techs, Anum Kamran, owner of created a Facebook group called Pakistan e-commerce consortium (PEC) for eCommerce owners to support and promote online shopping in Pakistan.  Pakistan e-commerce consortium (PEC) held this their first ever meetup which was attended by many local and few international eCommerce pioneers , technologies and few other women for discussion. The meetup was held at Center for Entrepreneurial Development (Aman-CED) inside IBA’s main campus on Saturday 16th Dec.

People who attended this meetup included :

This discussion covered all of the major issues currently exists in eCommerce industry like unreliable logistics, frauds and non availability of e-payment options.

Abid Beli (Founder & CEO – Beliscity and Delivery Walay) shared his experiences and highlighted that COD is still preferred by most of the customer due to eCommerce websites who delivers cheap or counterfeit products in high prices and this directly shatters customer trust in other business who are providing better products and services. He suggested that use of trusted mobile/desktop apps for payments and advance payments might solve this problem.

Saad Jangda (Founder & CEO – said that : In 2017 customers have multiple options to compare with and this creates a really tough competition for businesses.

Shayaan Tahir (CEO – discussed the issues of social media and its impact on the businesses, he also point out that some market places stores does not maintain product quality by letting seller sell to make bucks.

Shehzad Rah(Director – Paxi) emphasized on educating customers and helping them in their buying decision to avoid order returns and exchanges.  He said that the biggest loss of eCommerce business is returned orders.

Anum Kamran (Founder & CEO – along with other members shared the future goals for the community which are as following :

  • To establish a committee to monitor the unethical business practices
  • Take more eCommerce owners on the board and collaborate with them
  • Identify better e-payments and logistics options.
  • Undocumented Facebook businesses and their impact on the overall industry. 

They concluded the discussion over the issues faced by eCommerce owner’s and customers as well that there should be an unbiased eCommerce community/body who should be keeping an eye on stores who are cheating and highlighting them and the community should be working with Government to make national eCommerce Policy. This will protect customer from being cheated and eCommerce owner to process smoothly.

The discussion was moderated by Anum Kamran (Founder & CEO – and NoorJehan Arif (Co-Founder – Mushawar Consulting) and few other women members also attended and participated in the discussion.

eCommerce has always my full attention so whenever something significant happens I make sure to highlight it with my full support. Groups/Communities are a new trend to support any field of life and meetups bring more opportunities and provides knowledge. Join group for more details and connect with professionals.



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