Importance of tax education in educational institution of Pakistan

Due to policy changes at government level, becoming a filer is a trending and most hyped thing in Pakistan . Everybody is concerned about the process and how to get it done easily. In this article, I am talking about the importance of tax education in educational institutes so our next generation can be saved from these panic attacks which we are facing right now Also, I will sharing a hack to file your returns from your computer desk so let’s go!

Educational institutes are crucial to every society and I can not emphasize enough on the importance of how they shape the cultural norms, build ideologies and shape our society. These institutes have the power to disseminate knowledge, skillsets and cultural values to the next generation. The teachers share their experiences and wisdom with the new generation and learn new ideas from them. This invents the cycle of social change.

If the educational institutions are used to train our youth for a tax aware society, it can make a significant difference. The outreach to educational institutions for improving knowledge about tax can have a huge impact on shaping our economy as well. With limited funds and the economy plunged in debts; the only way to fight the deficient tax filing culture crisis is by solving the issue from the start. Tax education is the first step but to really hit the nail, Pakistani citizens need to take the problematic situation in their own hands by being more involved in the process. The most reasonable way is to file their taxes because these taxes go directly to the government which can be used to increase funds for investments for development of infrastructure, providing water sanitation, providing water, fighting poverty, bringing work to increase job employment for new graduates, health care, military expense, and many more.


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I am a tech savy person, as you might already know, and strongly believes in the power of technology which is aiding all problems faced today. Everything has become digital so is filling returns (is it a surprise? )! I have heard of many solutions for tax filing in Pakistan but should receive due attention both at corporate, and educational levels to ease the process and eliminate the hesitation our people have towards the process because I think has justified the use of technology and came out with a real ‘solution’, not just another website.

I believe each one of us has a responsibility and we need  to take baby steps for a bigger and better impact! So every individual who is aware about tax education, filing tax returns and pays their dues for the progress of Pakistan, does get benefits in return. It is important that that the understanding of tax laws, the responsibility to file taxes, and the comfort with the process is taught at educational institutes to empower our youth to become tax filers of today.

If this article helped you in any way, log on to to file your tax returns online today to become the responsible and compliant citizen Pakistan needs to head in the direction of progress and prosperity. If you are a teacher, or a researcher, start a conversation today!

Happy filing your returns for a better Pakistan! 🙂


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