It is that time of year when I scrutinize my pleasing purchases (for more shopping of course) as season is going to be changed soon. As always, I am really excited about winter and it’s my favorite season out of all. I make sure that I look my best especially in winters other than that I am a lazy girl. I am sure I have been suffering from compulsive buying disorder but ironically I hate going to malls. Thanks to the IT Industry for taking steps towards establishing e-commerce in Pakistan, it needs to be improved a lot more but something is better than nothing for people like me, Phew!

Let’s look into my junk and find out what have I bought this year which was easy-on-the-pocket or the best available price in the market. I am so unpredictable so you may find a weird combination in my closet or drawer.


My most favorite purchase was a pair of shoes from Regal Shoe Store, bought it for Rs 2600. They made me happy so I wear them daily, I don’t mix and match my accessories usually so this pair is perfect for me and it is washable too. Few months forward, they still look new and I am even more in love with them.



I love the white color or you can say white is my safe color. Sometimes I don’t like to waste my energy to choose a new/different color to buy new clothes so I pick white without any second thought. So, this time, I bought a white traditional chicken kari kurta from Satrangi-Bonanza for Rs 2400/2500. It is so elegant and beautiful that no one (who loves white) could resist buying this piece. On the other side, I really don’t think that it’s very reasonable but I always need at least one white and I am a chicken kari fan so good for me (but I have not stopped looking for sales and cheapest place to buy more white’s 😉 ).


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I am a scarf wearing girl, which means I hardly carry dupatta in routine. But this new trendy and traditional looking dupatta grasped my attention. Phulkari dupattas are really expensive, Facebook pages and the groups are selling them for price range from 3200-4500! Oh boy, It broke my heart but later I found a lady on Facebook who was selling it for 2800 I ordered it immediately.The quality worth the price and by the way it is not for daily wear!




Till last year, I always carried backpacks in appropriate sizes. Never bothered about handbags, but this is an evolvng year for me so I have bought this tiny bag with a long strap from Stylo in Rs 900 only and no damage so far! It’s cute and easy to carry, good enough for my ATM card or slips and cell phone (this is my usual stuff).



This year has bought a lot of transformation in my life, one of them is “makeup” lol! Yes, finally I have started to spend my hard earned money on it. ehmm about not sure the decision but I think if you make even a slight change in your lifestyle it helps you to heal and I need a lot of healing right now. I bought a lip balm and lipstick from the body shop for Rs 900 (still with me) and Rs 1200, respectively.

Another addition is a makeup kit (I am still amused that I actually own it) bought from a very famous Facebook page just is Rs 800! The kit includes glittery eyeshadows which are really in right now.I have seen a model and a beauty consultant Nadia Hussain buying from the same page so it uplifted assurance to give it a try. Now I am actually waiting to use it someday, sooner or later.


Let’s look into my unbelievable purchase, Generation is my MOST favorite clothing brand but it is really expensive 🙂 . However, I was able to buy this cute and funky pants in Rs 900 ONLY! I still cannot believe it! I picked it in and paid in seconds! It has 2 pockets as per my liking .




Another pair of shoes bought from Sulafah just in Rs 1000,  a few days ago, They have an ongoing sale so if you are looking for reasonable and comfortable shoes, go and try your luck!



I don’t carry huge bags and sometimes I don’t carry bag at all. For that times, I choose to buy this small clutch from a hawker in a local market for Rs 500. It can hold my phone, ATM card and Cash (if any).




Noo! I don’t go to malls for that. I do that on my browser… so during my “window shopping” I found this beautiful 2 piece (dupatta and shirt) from Thredz in Rs 1895. This was my first experience with thredz and I am really happy about it. Going to wear to soon ! <3


Thanks to my sister & her Samsung Digital Camera for helping me out in the “photo-graphy” I know nothing about photography … I feel bad for the quality of these pictures but I’m sure y’all will manage <3 . I love the idea, as I call it “Sasti Shopping” so do share your amazing purchases, tricks and places for “Sasti Shopping”. I would love to hear from you!


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