Which Laptop is Best for You: HP Laptops vs. Dell Laptops


End of the year, time to have the resolutions set and plans made for the next 365 days. About time we decide what are we going to do with the all-new 2017. The New Year eve is the time of year when you put all your focus back in your plans and look for greater avenues of success. Planning what you should be doing and what not, this is just the perfect time for shopping especially when it comes to gadgets and appliances. Whether it is about exploring possibilities of professional excellence or thinking about improving your academic skill set, the decisions are considered important. A more general trend observed during the New-year eve online shopping in Pakistan is that of buying laptops. With outstanding deals, both on New Year and Christmas eves, people flock both, brick and mortar and online stores to have their shopping baskets filled in.

We understand the troubles an ordinary goes through planning to purchase a recent gadget. From brand choice to model wisdom and from pricing to specifications, everything needs to be well attended to before entering into any transaction. One of most confusing situation that arises once you are laptop shopping is the choice between Dell and HP. Here we try breaking down some of the key components of both the brands so that you can have a better decision and optimize upon laptop prices in Pakistan. So, here we go.

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Dell vs HP Price Difference

It all starts from the very basic of price and further goes on venturing in the rest. Dell laptops prices in Pakistan start from as low as PKR 25,000 and can go on and on based upon your requirement making them supposedly cheaper. So, if you are on a limited budget and require a really high quality laptop, you should consider looking in to the Dell range for once. HP laptops price in Pakistan are largely affected for the fact that most of the models are sold from a dedicated retailer. This eventually ends up making HP laptops far more costly than Dell.


The Appearance Factor of HP vs Dell

Not much has changed when it comes to Dell laptops. The brand may be selling upon their fascinating and new features yet the appearance remains one area where they have done nothing. Dell is the perfect machine for not just school going kid but also a suitable one for an office going person. Providing its customers with a huge range of colors to choose from, HP has much more to offer. Compared to a Dell laptop, a HP laptop is considered to be better looking, they mostly follow a sleek design which always gives off a sophisticated finish.

Means if you are a university or a college going student and want to buy something for your assignments, Dell laptop is going to be the more appealing choice. But if you want to buy a laptop for office use then a laptop from HP would do you immense justice.

Understanding Dell vs HP Specs & Features


When it comes to specs and features we have a clear winner, if not for performance then definitely for the number of features. The battery factor for sure is unmatched. HP laptops have a higher battery life than Dell laptops and if used well the battery life of a HP laptop does not reduce significantly over the years with use. Known for producing entertainment-centric laptops, HP produces tons of features that Dell laptops completely lack in. Understanding your battery troubles, Jambo.pk brings you the best power bank prices in Pakistan.

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It is not just the appearance that is different among the brands, the overall build, including the features are no same for the same. Dell produces laptops that are large in size and mostly do not support end to end keyboards, a feature prominent in HP laptops. Though this at times can make a Dell laptops are quite handful to carry around. Dell does not tap out that so easily and are known for being more considerate of their users. Paying a lot of attention to the air flow the machines by Dell are outstanding in their own way. This means that their laptops do not heat up as rapidly as the HP laptops do. The actual hardware in use are produced by contractors so there isn’t much difference in that. But the difference lies in the combination of the components. Dell with its vast variety provides people with a lot more combinations than HP does.

If you have made up your mind and are sure about what you have to buy, then visit Jambo.pk and check out all the latest deals on laptops and power banks.


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